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Calculating Square footage

To calculate the square foot of countertop space that you have is a simple equation. You will need to measure the entire surface area. Using a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pencil/pen draw the shape of your countertops on the paper. Then measure each edge of the countertop and right down the number in inches of each corresponding side. Now you have the measurements that you need to do the next calculation. Slice the countertop up into squares for easier calculation. Do this until the entire surface is made up of squares. For each square multiply the length times the width. This will give you the square inches of that square. Do this for each square. Add all your squares together and then divide that number by 144 to give you square footage. We have an easy to use tool that will help you to do this if you have the measurements. Instant Countertops Estimator.

Countertop Edges

Choosing the right edge for your countertop is important to the style and finished look you are going for. Typically eased, pencil and rounded edges are your least expensive options as they take the lead amount of time to achieve. Ogee and laminated edges can be the style you are after but will cost more due to the additional time materials and equipment needed to produce more detailed edges.

Countertops Colors

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite colors are vast. This is a natural material so no two stones are exactly the same. Since this material was formed naturally every stone will be different. Find out more about the various granite colors that are available by using the stone color search.

Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz is a man-made material and because it is man-made the color variations are more uniform. Your more expensive quartz countertops will mimic granite look. Quartz is a clear crystal material that is easy to mine but is not strong in a form that is conducive to creating countertops. The quartz crystals are connected with a polymer or plastic. Because of this process the surface of the countertops are void of any pits or fissures making it a desirable surface for countertops.

Laminate countertops

These countertops have some very beautiful patterns and simulate granite very well. The material is plastic and is pretty durable but cannot handle abuse like other materials can.

Wood Countertops colors

Wood countertops come in many colors and grains. Basically any stain or paint finish you desire and be found at the local hardware store. Wood is not very popular countertops material because it is not very durable. Because of this it can harbor bacteria.

Concrete countertops colors

you can basically create any color dyes you choose as well as textures and shapes with concrete. Concreate is not as durable as other materials but and based on this could harbor bacteria.

Countertops Maintenance

Depending on the surface that you choose you need to make sure that you use the right leaning products to clean the surface. Certain products and damage the surface and some chemicals can discolor the countertops. Granites need to be sealed at the duration specified by the product that you use to seal it. This sealing process fills the any places that bacteria can hide. Quartz is partially made from a plastic material. Plastics will discolor from chemicals and exposure to ultra violet light. Conreate needs to be sealed like granite. Soapstone and slate also need to be sealed and soapstone need to be oiled regularly. Laminates are not as durable and cannot stand up to the abuse of natural material but are very low maintenance. Stainless steel is one of the most durable surfaces and one of the easiest to maintain a sanitary environment. They do not have much by the way of style so less likely to see this in a home.

Counter tops Pricing

The price for countertops varies a lot for a couple reasons.

Material Origin

- where does the material come from. Natural stones are quarried all over the world and shipped to distributors and local fabricators near you. Quartz and many recycled materials are added to plastics to form sheet material for your counter tops

Material Selection

– Based on material demand, costs associated to mining or manufacturing certain materials and costs associated to delivering the material from remote places around the world all factor into price. Other factors include perceived value and market demand.


- Tools and machines required to take raw material to create your specific needs. Craftsman Ship, Quality and attention to detail will factor into the price. This is typically one of the biggest factors to take into consideration. Cheap is not always better especially with an investment in your home like this.


- Time and transportation of your countertops can add costs to your job.


The more time that need to be spent handling your countertops the more its going to cost. Detailed edges, radius corners, sink cutouts, faucet wholes, backsplash all represent more time spent handling your countertops which inturn will cost more money.
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